Hosfeld & Associates gets it done.

We work with visionary, purpose-driven clients on strategic projects including launching new organizations, lines of business or initiatives; navigating significant organizational change – including management transitions, organizational turnarounds and business transformations-; and geographic expansion. We clarify priorities, engage stakeholders, and build strategic thinking and planning skills. In short, we help our clients make and implement some of their most important decisions.

We bring data, numbers and discipline to strategy in processes that also value intuition, creativity and heart. Some of our services include:

Strategic planning. Strategy management. Transformation processes. Stakeholder engagement. Internal branding. Practical change management (or as we like to call it change leadership.

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Strategic Planning Culture Leads to Non-Profit Success
As challenging as it is to find time to create and implement strategic plans, new research reinforces that it’s one of the keys to organizational success. Consistent strategic planning and implementation monitoring practices make the difference between moderately and highly successful non-profit organizations according to a study presented in 2013 at the annual meeting of the Association for Strategic Planning. 

Are You Mistaking Vision for Strategy?
At the heart of organizational meaning-making we find corporate vision and mission as definitions of the good or the change that we seek to create in the world. While this is absolutely essential to thriving organizations and engaging the passions of  stakeholders, this is not strategy. Vision and mission are the “what.” Strategy is the “how.”

Outperform your competition by 15 to 20%: What's the secret?
Create stronger stakeholder relationships. It may seem counterintuitive that in order to be more profitable you should invest more money in stakeholder relationships than one's peers. Yet an increasing body of research is showing a stakeholder approach to correlate to better company performance.

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