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More Confidence, Efficient Processes, Better Outcomes -- Strategy, Strategic Plans, Strategy Management, Stakeholder Engagement

Greater confidence in strategy comes from efficient, thorough processes that engage stakeholders and increase implementation. We offer a variety of strategy process approaches -- including what we call "rapid strategy -- to comprehensively but efficiently build the plan that will create value for your organization.

Our engagements clarify priorities, engage stakeholders, and build strategic thinking and planning skills. We clarify issues and opportunities, design custom evidence-based decision-making processes, and provide action planning and project management support. Our work addresses:
  • Vision and Direction 
  • Business Models and Plans 
  • Change Management 
  • Key Performance Indicators and Other Metrics 
  • Mission-Based Environmental Analysis 
  • Objectives and Goals 
  • Organizational and Project-Specific Strategy 
  • Theory of Change
Unlocking the strategic soul of your organization takes both left-brain and right-brain approaches - both head and heart. Our facilitated processes integrate discipline and data with intuition, creativity and conversation.

Through our associate network, we also support our clients as they take strategy deep within the organization. Implementation services include leadership development, culture and change, strategy management, program management, as well as, internal branding and messaging programs.

Tools and Frameworks
Hosfeld & Associates' approach to strategic planning and consulting integrates a variety of tools and frameworks. Representative examples include: