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Our mission is to enhance our clients’ organizational results through superior strategy processes and stakeholder engagement. We focus on fast, practical results in projects such as launching new organizations, lines of business or initiatives; navigate significant organizational change – including management transitions, organizational turnarounds and business transformations-; and geographic expansion (regional to national). We clarify priorities, engage stakeholders, and build strategic thinking and planning skills. In short, we help our clients make and implement some of their most important decisions.

Our facilitated processes integrate discipline and data with intuition, creativity and conversation.  

In the midst of rapid change, we help clients keep their eye on what is most important by helping them answer these strategic questions: 

  • What is the Change We Seek to Create in the World? Every enterprise – business, non-profit, social venture –creates change through its products and services, work-environments and stakeholder partnerships. What do you want your organization to stand for? How do you want to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives? 
  • What is The Strategy We Will Use to Do This Work? How is your organization uniquely positioned to deliver value to your customers, partners and stakeholders? What are your challenges? How will you meet them? 
  • How Do We Want to Be Together as We Do This Work? How will you live out your organizational values in relationship with your most important stakeholders – customers, employees and partners? How can these values lead you to creativity and innovation? 

Implementation is Key 
We assure implementation of strategic initiatives and decisions two ways.
  • We design processes to foster maximum engagement and commitment as decisions are made. This minimizes resistance and increases commitment to follow through.
  • We provide strategy management support services. After your decision-making is done, we offer a variety of services with the help of our associate network to support implementation.
The Trusted Advisor   
Although our assignments may be short-term, our relationships with clients often span decades. Through consistent, professional service and continuous learning, we earn the position of trusted advisor and resource for the evolving needs of our clients.   

Our Values in Action 
We have been evaluated by Green America for the business practices that promote a healthy environment and just society. We partner with our community and provide pro bono and reduced fee services to community and non-profit organizations.