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Strategic Process and Meeting Facilitation

Hosfeld & Associates offers facilitation for live meetings, retreats and group decision-making processes that support strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and communication. We offer half, full and multi-day facilitation options. If you are interested in on-line meeting facilitation, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements. 

What’s Included in a Retreat or Meeting Facilitation? 

Pre-meeting and post-meeting work includes:
  • understanding the scope of the work – typically this requires up to two meetings
  • defining the decision-making style that is appropriate
  • advance interviews or surveys to clarify issues or topics prior to the meeting – our estimates reflect the number and depth of interviews or surveys that are required
  • determining attainable goals for the process
  • a meeting to debrief on the outcomes of the session and determine next steps
Documentation for facilitated processes is an important part of internalizing the outcomes of the facilitation. It is therefore usually provided by the client. If this is not appropriate, or if you need additional support, we can provide an additional estimate for this service.

Locations for Retreats, Meetings
We can assist you in finding the right meeting, retreat or conference space for your session depending on your objectives, size of meeting and geographic location.