Lakeland: Master Plan Community: Turnaround

Lakeland, a master planned community south of Seattle, had been reorganized under new management, after the original owners ran into financial trouble. The community covered 1,000 acres, and was approved for 3,400 units.  

One of the first challenges that we faced in working with this client was sorting through the competing strategies suggested by a variety of consultants and marketing vendors. Five different vendors were competing for control of the Lakeland brand and message.  

Working with the President, we streamlined the advisory team, and created a comprehensive marketing plan to support the re-launch of the community. Lakeland's management asked us to:
  • Provide leadership to those vendors remaining on board to create a cohesive brand strategy and marketing program
  • Create a campaign to attract new builders for a variety of home styles       
  • Develop a comprehensive program to restart sales in support of builders' programs   

With our strategic consulting and support, Lakeland successfully re-launched the project. Then-President Charles Reppas described our work as follows:  

"Hosfeld and Associates was instrumental in providing pinpoint marketing solutions in a very cost-effective manner. We were challenged to re-start a community that had been in financial trouble under previous ownership. Our success surprised us as sales were so strong our builders couldn't keep pace with new housing starts. Kathleen's leadership was critical in establishing direction, following through with the plan and implementing it well within budget. "  

As Lakeland transitioned day-to-day operations to another management team, Hosfeld & Associates was retained, and our responsibilities were expanded. Integrating a consumer media relations and brand advertising program with ongoing realtor and builder marketing support, we developed and managed marketing plans, program elements and annual marketing budgets to drive sales leads in 7 different product types.  

As a result of our work, the Lakeland brand - built around nostalgic images of the hometown everyone would like to have had - reestablished the development's attractiveness in the builder community and among prospective homeowners. The investors sold the majority of remaining units to one builder. The Lakeland brand created during our tenure endures today.