The Rainier Group – Regional and National Expansion

When we first worked with The Rainier Group, financial consultants to high net worth individuals, the owner had recently formed the company under a different name after leaving a position within a life insurance company. We completed several phases of work together:
  • Development of a strong internal and external brand (holistic branding) as a foundation for regional expansion
  • Geographic expansion in the Northwest
  • National expansion partnering with banks to provide services to their private client and wealth management customers
Taking the Brand Deep
The Rainier Group's (then called Capital Analysts) business practices and image reflected their life insurance origins, and were not consistent with their intention to provide objective financial consulting to wealthy business owners and other high net worth clients. Through customer research we identified that customers didn't feel the firm's name or image reflected the firm's strengths.

Research also identified a service that the firm provided that created significant value to clients - the firm's financial modeling capability. As a result, financial modeling became a centerpiece of the brand (and later the strategic advantage that supported its national expansion).

External rebranding efforts included renaming the company, developing a new visual identity and creating several phases of printed material to communicate the firms' service and unique capabilities. We also worked with the firm to change the business practices that had significant impact on customers' perception of the brand - most notably the advisor marketing (referrals) and client development programs.

The company also changed its compensation structure from one based on product commissions to a fee-for-service model. Together, the internal and external branding efforts created a strong foundation for regional expansion.

Regional ExpansionThe Rainier Group, which comprised several divisions - business transition services and consulting, investment advisory, and insurance advisory - was based in the Puget Sound area. We created a regional expansion campaign utilizing print advertising, media relations, and other outreach to support the opening of an office in Portland, OR. We continued to provide marketing support services including the development of The Rainier Group's original web site.

National ExpansionWe facilitated a strategic planning process with company executives during which the firm made a commitment to expand nationally by partnering with banks. We worked with executives on initial exploratory conversations with banks about their needs. We provided marketing consulting and communication services to The Rainier Group's prospective bank clients on the design of their own programs. Program manager, Chris McKinney, one of the Rainier Group's original bank clients described our work:"Kathleen was a catalyst for developing an approach to High Net Worth business owners. Her insight and project management were instrumental in launching our new Business Transition Services program." -As the potential for bank relationships expanded, Hosfeld & Asociates created a "turn-key" marketing program manual and protocol for the Rainier Group to use in prospecting and developing bank programs.We assisted in the development of three bank relationships in Michigan, Texas and Louisiana, and participated in exploratory conversations with banks in New York.

Rainier Group founder and president, Robert Gruber, provided this word of thanks as a result of our efforts:"With your help we have done a great deal more than we expected and achieved unexpectedly positive results. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. "