Telling Our Stories

Upcoming Dates: Workshop offered as an onsite year-round. Please contact us to schedule.
How do we renew our souls as we engage with customers and other stakeholders. The meaning and purpose of our work are found in our own personal stories. In this workshop, we focus on telling our own personal stories about our work and its role in our lives. 

Storytelling has taken on greater importance in business as a tool for connecting with customers and other stakeholders. In an atmosphere conducive to reflection and deep listening, we listen to each others' stories about our celebrations, failures, fantasies, commitments, fears and questions about our work. We leave with a new sense of connection to the richest parts of our work experience, and the voice of soul in our vocation. 

This workshop is co-facilitated by Kathleen Hosfeld and Kim Robert Stafford, poet, writing instructor, and author of The Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening and Other Pleasures of the Writers’ Craft, and many other works. 

Formats: One-day, Weekend Retreat (Friday p.m., Saturday all-day) 

An excellent workshop for work-groups, for marketing professionals, and anyone seeking a more soulful engagement with their work.