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The New Cosmology of Strategy

We embrace three timeless and universal principles that are reflected in successful organizations of all kinds:  

We Emphasize Differentiation
Successful organizations recognize and nurture the unique capabilities they can offer their customers through their products, services or experiences. We help clients discover their unique source of “unequal advantage.”   

We Nurture Stakeholder Relationships
Thriving organizations don’t “manage” stakeholder relationships; they nurture networks of relationships where real work and creativity take place. We support clients in identifying and nurturing stakeholder relationships that contribute to strategic outcomes.   

We Cultivate Strategic Soul 
The strategic soul – the shared identity, core competences and passion of its owners, employees and partners -- is the source of an organization’s ability to continually grow and innovate over time in service of its mission and vision. We help clients recognize and invest in these assets for success. Our processes nurture soulful and meaning-making aspects of strategy processes and change.