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Strategy Development; Strategy Design

Our facilitated strategic planning processes are forms of deep listening that integrate discipline and robust analytics, and evidence-based decisions with intuition, creativity and conversation. They engage both the head and the heart of your people resulting in more engagement and better decisions.

Discovery - With tailored approaches for for-profit, non-profit and social enterprise organizations, we comprehensively evaluate the current and desired state of your organization and identify opportunities to achieve your objectives. We work with research partners to design and conduct detailed studies that identify insights and opportunities. This is typically the first step before engaging in group planning.

Scenario Evalution - We work with your client teams to develop and vet strategic initiatives and scenarios, exploring alternatives for strategic fit, value creation, and other criteria. We use the planning process itself to engage the organization in shared decisiosn about your most important priorities and initiatives, which accelerate implementation.

Strategic Plans - We document the decisions made during your strategic planning process in forms that are most useful to fostering awareness and understanding of the strategy, and for use in managing the implementation process. 

Strategic Planning Meetings / Facilitation - We design and deliver customized strategic planning processes in retreat settings. Assignments typically include pre-retreat analysis and information gathering, retreat facilitation, and post-retreat follow-up.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy - We evaluate opportunities for stakeholder engagement, and design and facilitate stakeholder dialogue and collaboration strategies.

Change Leadership - We help clients develop the leadership strategies to assure more effective implementation of their strategic plans. We build customized processes around a suite of core strategic tools and frameworks.